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Rely on the expertise of our board-certified physicians for your aesthetic needs. At Laser & Light Surgery Center, every procedure is conducted exclusively by experienced physicians.

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Laser Hair Removal

Experience the latest technology, personalized care, and effective results, ensuring a smooth and lasting solution to unwanted hair.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Cutting-edge technology, and individualized attention, ensure a seamless and lasting resolution to unwanted tattoos.

Other Treatments

Select our various services and benefit from advanced technologies, personalized care, and proven results.


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We prioritize your satisfaction and confidence in every step of your journey. Explore the possibilities of transformative tattoo removal and laser hair removal, where innovation meets personalized care. Book your consultation today to embark on a path towards a more confident and liberated you.


Board Certified Care Physicians

Laser & Light Surgery Center was developed so that patients would have a safer and more effective place to have laser procedures performed. Simply stepping into our office you will be able to see the professionalism which separates us from other laser clinics. Currently, many patients go to med-spas or franchised laser clinics that have very poor supervision. Physicians are almost never on-site and almost never examine the patients. The med-spas and franchised clinics advertise well, but they risk patient safety and often have less effective results. At Laser & Light Surgery Center, rather than having unsupervised technicians perform the procedures, patients can have their procedures performed by physicians using the safest and most effective lasers available. And unlike other laser centers, our physicians are qualified to treat any complications that may arise, even though this is a very rare occurrence.

Updated Technology

We ensure that our services for tattoo and hair removal stay at the forefront of innovation, delivering superior results with precision and efficiency.

Personalized Care

At Laser & Light Surgery Center we prioritize your needs with dedicated attention, offering care that tailors our tattoo and hair removal services.

Experienced Physicians

All our tattoo and hair removal procedures are conducted by board-certified physicians, ensuring the highest standard of care.


Our Laser Hair & Tattoo Removal Team.

Our team of board-certified physicians is dedicated to delivering top-notch care and expertise in tattoo and hair removal. With a focus on collaboration and compassion, we prioritize individual patient needs, utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide personalized and effective solutions. Trust us to guide you through your aesthetic journey with skill and commitment for optimal results.

Andrew Hector, MD Fellow of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery

Dr. Hector founded Laser & Light Surgery Center in 2007 and has personally treated tens of thousands of patients since then. Dr. Hector completed his undergraduate degree at Miami University in Oxford Ohio and completed his medical degree at Indiana University School of Medicine. His residency was completed at St. Francis Hospital.

Dr. Hector enjoys running, biking and spending time with his family. He enjoys competive running and has competed in everything from 1 mile road races to the Boston Marathon.

Mary Mullins, MD, FACEP

Dr. Mullin completed her undergraduate studies at Butler University and completed her medical degree at Indiana University School of Medicine. Her residency and fellowships were completed at Wright State University. She has been a long time emergency physician in many hospitals from the South side of Indianapolis to Bloomington. After retiring from emergency medicine, she decided to continue with patient care but in a less high-acuity setting. While she is no longer saving lives for a living, she continues to enjoy providing patient care in a way that helps them physically and psychologically.

Outside of work Dr. Mullin stays very active playing golf and caring for her adult special needs daughter.

My results are spectacular and I highly recommend Laser & Light Surgery Center! I’m quite thankful to not have to shave anymore!
My husband has used him for tattoo removal and his results were exactly what we were hoping for as well.

Ellen B.


I love the Laser and Light Surgery Center! Dr. Hector is very professional and informative. The receptionist, Chelsea, is really sweet and helpful too. I have gotten four treatments and am amazed with the results.

Elizabeth K.


This center is great — the doctors and receptionists are very professional, courteous and warm. Their equipment is state of the art and their offices are very clean and welcoming. I have been going here for over three years and even when I moved out of state.



Our Frequently Asked Questions.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works by using concentrated beams of light to target and destroy hair follicles, inhibiting future hair growth. Our advanced technology precisely delivers the laser energy to the hair follicles, ensuring a safe and effective treatment with long-lasting results.

Is tattoo removal painful?

Most patients describe laser tattoo removal as similar to hot grease hitting the skin. While not pleasant, we can minimize any discomfort by using our Zimmer cooling device, cold compresses and rarely typical or injected anesthetics. Average sized tattoos can be treated very quickly and usually there is no lingering discomfort after the treatment ends.

How many sessions are typically required for optimal results in laser hair removal?

The number of sessions needed depends on factors such as hair type, color, and the treatment area. On average, most individuals require multiple sessions for optimal results, typically ranging from 6 to 8 sessions spaced several weeks apart.

Are there any side effects associated with your procedures?

The number of sessions needed depends on factors such as hair color, skin type, and the treatment area. We have extensive experience with all skin types and can give you a reasonable estimate of the number of treatments you will likely need. Most individuals require multiple sessions for optimal results, typically around 8 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart depending on the treatment area. Areas of the body with coarse dark hairs typically do well with all skin types. Very fine or light-colored hairs can be more difficult to remove.


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