Laser Hair Removal

By physicians, using the most effective GentleMax Pro Plus.

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Indianapolis Laser Hair Removal

We use the newest and most effective Candela GentleMax Pro Plus to make sure we can provide you with the best results possible, regardless of skin type. This device has the option of using either an alexandrite or a NdYAG laser depending on skin type. We also have invested in the optional large spot handpiece (up to 26mm) which makes our treatments faster, but more importantly even more effective. Most other laser clinics do not have this optional handpiece!

All of your treatments are performed by physicians. We have both male and female physicians on staff.

Our consultations are free.

You likely will pay less than you would by having a technician perform your treatment elsewhere with less effective lasers.

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

How does laser hair removal work?
Laser hair removal involves using a laser which is a color of light that your hair and hair follicle absorbs. When the hair absorbs the light, it becomes very hot and this heat damages the surrounding hair follicle. For about a week after a treatment, the hair looks like it is continuing to grow. This is simply the hair working itself out of the damaged follicle. After a week, the hair falls out and you should have almost no hair growth for nearly 4-6 weeks depending on the area treated
How many sessions are typically required for optimal results in laser hair removal?

After a series of approximately 8 treatments, you should have very little hair remaining. Even though it takes a number of treatments to get permanent results, you will have very little growth from the very first treatment. So as long as you schedule your treatments at the recommended intervals, there should be very little hair growth all the way through your treatment sessions.

What should I do prior to my appointment?

Prior to getting your hair removal treatment there are a couple of simple things we need you to do. The first is to avoid all sun and tanning beds for at least 2 weeks. It is important that any tan (including sunless tanning creams and sprays) has faded away. To get the best results, you should not wax, tweeze or pluck the hairs prior to the treatment or after the treatment. You may shave before and after if needed.

Pricing Special

50% off if you purchase 4 or more treatments (even different areas), and then all of your future laser hair removal treatments will be 50% off!

Pricing Options

Small Areas

Chin or Upper Lip


Medium Areas

underarms, pantyline bikini or partial arms


Large Areas

full face, Brazilian bikini or partial legs


Largest Areas

Legs or Back



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