Laser Tattoo Removal

By physicians, using the most effective Lutronic PicoPlus laser.

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Over 16 years of experience

Indianapolis Tattoo Removal

We invest in the best lasers available. We have the 1.8 gigawatt Lutronic PicoPlus which is more powerful than any other picosecond laser in the Indianapolis area.

All of your treatments are performed by physicians. We have both male and female physicians on staff.

Our consultations are free.

We perform more tattoo removal treatments than anyone else in the Indianapolis area. Be sure to ask who owns the laser center and how long they have been doing laser treatments!

Tattoos are removable. Scars are not. Don’t risk your appearance on a one-laser-in-a-strip-mall facility.

Pricing Options

$175 / Treatment

You likely will pay no more than you would by having a technician perform your treatment elsewhere with less effective lasers. Since our lasers are very fast, we don’t charge much more for large or additional tattoos.

Small Tattoos

Small Tattoos such as ring finger tattoos are treated at $100 per treatment.


Discover the Freedom of Laser Aesthetics!

Ready to embrace a hair-free and tattoo-free confidence? Schedule your consultation now and let our expert team, led by board-certified physicians, guide you through personalized and state-of-the-art removal procedures.


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